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Why Common Thread?

The name was chosen to represent the “common thread” of all my work. In all of my pursuits I aim to uphold and strengthen community values, including collaboration, respect for diversity, social justice and a deep understanding and critique of social inequality. The name was a perfect match to link all of the work that I have been involved in that focuses on creating stronger communities.

Natalie BrownNatalie Brown Kivell. I am a PhD Candidate in Community Well-Being at the University of Miami, a media maker and an agent for social change. I am driven by my passion for igniting  broader levels of systemic change we need, to fight against the intersections of  deeply entrenched social issues. I am dedicated to my work and my communities, and I endeavor to support and work with those who continue to dismantle systems of oppression to make their communities a safe, accessible and inclusive place to live.

I have an MA in Community Psychology and I have worked on community-based research projects across the Waterloo Region and South Western Ontario since 2007, and now within the Miami community since 2013. My experience working with community organizations, government departments, grassroots groups as well as membership organizations has helped me to tinker with and build on a wide range of skills – one of the most important being developing relationships with those who have skills that I don’t have as social change is bigger than any one of us and a focus on working with others is a key to our success.

I am devoted to transformative and sustainable change and I enjoy digging into root causes and underlying systemic issues.


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“Natalie is one of the most consultative people I've had the pleasure of working with. She is able to start with a skeleton of an idea and bring it to fruition. She is youth focused, engaging, and always enthusiastic.”
by Lila Read, Principal at Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School