Common Thread’s 1st Anniversary

As I began the journey of Common Thread on February 2nd 2010 I could not have foreseen the wonderful and exciting year ahead. Not only have I had the chance to work with great clients working towards fantastic positive community change, but I have also had the chance to build relationships and explore my community.

The year’s highlights

My first startup drinks – Coincidentally the day I registered my business was also the night of February startup drinks at McMullan’s. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet other small businesses and enter the world of the entrepreneurs. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience as I felt supported and celebrated in taking the leap into small business
Geographical exploration – After living in the Waterloo Region community for close to a decade it was wonderful to see new places, spaces and faces as I floated around the region doing site visits, attending events and sitting on different councils and committees!
Ignite 3 – “Follow your Passion: Using Talk for Social Change”  gave me the opportunity to speak to my community passions and use my voice to impact the way attendees think about “isms” in our everyday life. I used my 5 minutes to speak about taboo topics in hopes that if I speak up others may feel safe to follow suit.
OneSmallAct – After working in partnership with KCI, community organizations, the City of Kitchener and Working Reel Productions on September 29th we held the OneSmallAct event. This was a day to celebrate intergenerational community and was the first step towards building a stronger school and community relationship for the KCI community. With a keynote from Abhi Ahluwalia from unlearn and a fantastic 10 minutes film produced by Buddy from Working Reel Productions it was a night to remember!
Building my own Community – The number of fabulous people who live and work in the Waterloo Region is almost overwhelming. I have had the greatest year building new friendships, networking with super fantastic folks and taking the time to go to startup drinks, cinq a sept, ignite, Steel Rails, the KW Symphony or just hang out and play sports with a great group of other local small businesses (Go ABat!). The business community in the Region is so wonderful….I am proud and lucky to be a part of it!
Giving Back – On top of working with my clients and getting to know Waterloo Region in a new way I have had the opportunity to give back by sitting on different committees and volunteering with diverse groups . I currently sit on the Volunteer Action Centre Business Council as well as the CUExpo and throughout my year I also sat on mutltiple evaluation committees including the Evaluation Committee for the Alliance for Children and Youth.

Overall it’s going to be a hard year to beat! As I move into year two of work at Common Thread I am thankful to many people including Kurt my fiance and partner personally and professionally, Amy and Karl from CuteGecko for their brilliant work on my website, logo and overall branding, and so many more (you know who you are!)

Looking forward to the next chapter!


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“Natalie is one of the most consultative people I've had the pleasure of working with. She is able to start with a skeleton of an idea and bring it to fruition. She is youth focused, engaging, and always enthusiastic.”
by Lila Read, Principal at Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School