The gift of food: A family affair

Day 7 of the #12daysforgood was a family affair of collecting money for food and loading up the local food donation bin! And what better way to work together as a family but to build in some healthy competition.


We all put money in the pot to buy food for our foodbank up in Meaford Ontario raising 270$ between my family and 3 of my best friends. We split the money in half and created two teams. Each team had the challenge to fill their grocery cart with the HEALTHIEST food they could while not going over their team budget of 135$. We tore around the store trying to make wise and frugal decisions to provide the best quality of food for our local community while making sure we were able to get as much food as we could.


We developed tactics of hiding our groceries with coupons books so the other team couldn’t steal our brilliant ideas and blocking each other while we put the remainder of all of the non-perishable milk for children’s lunches or peanut butter in our carts! In the end our choices complemented each other so well and we covered all of the food groups and focused on high protein foods where possible.

After all this (and a fun photoshoot via our smart phones) my team of myself, my mother and my husband Kurt went over our budget by four dollars thus losing the competition to my to best friends Sarah and Viveca, and Sarah’s lovely husband Mitch. We laughed, we smiled and we managed to fill a completely empty food donation bin to the point of explosion with two packed full carts of healthy groceries!


Since I’m a sore loser we made a second competition where my dad marked the receipts for the healthiness of the food per dollar spent, and low and behold my team ranked on top!

This was a fantastic experience for me and for those in my family as we were able to give back while working together, building fantastic memories and getting that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling that you can only get by giving back to your community.


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