Thoughts on being a Do Gooder #12daysforgood

As I embark on my 12 day journey of highlighting my Do Gooderness (is that even a word?) and help to inspire others to follow suit I wanted to reflect on how being a “Do Gooder” has been ingrained in my identity since I was just little lady.



The focus of this years #12daysforgood campaign through House of Friendship includes volunteering and donating of money, and it goes beyond this to include justice, helping your neighbour and bringing joy to those around you. I like to think that this is the motto I live and have always lived by. Whenever I have time, money, knowledge or anything else to offer that will make the day or life of someone else better I do not hesitate to do it.


Although I haven’t “officially” launched my #12daysforgood campaign as I just got back from visiting my grandmother last night at midnight it has been in my thoughts as I interacted with the world. Every door I held open, or smile I offered was done to bring joy to the lives of folks around me. I couldn’t be more excited to fit in 12 good deeds over the next and final 10 days of the campaign.


I have my mother to thank for my keenness to be a Do Gooder. As a child I went to elementary school an hour early every day to help my mom put together food for the breakfast program. I had toaster burns and sticky fingers for 7 years from putting Cheez whiz, peanut butter and jam on toast and crackers (mmmm Cheez Whiz). Watching my mother work so hard to make sure that program was a reality showed me how important it is to work in our communities to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to Belong and Thrive. One of my earliest memories of being a Do Gooder when I was about 6 was when I saw a student get on the bus in the winter without a winter coat I didn’t even hesitate to give her mine, and needless to say even though my mother likely didn’t know how to react to see me getting off the bus in a wool sweater completely covered in snow she knew that I had done the right thing.


So now, here I am 20 years later thankful for the opportunity that House of Friendship has provided me and the community, to reflect on the good that we have done, highlight the good we are currently doing, and look closely for the good we can do today.


So Cheers to HoF and I hope that all of us are able to find 12 good deeds to do this Holiday Season to make our community shine!


Check out what I’m talking about at @HOFKW or

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Or follow all of the Do Gooders at once on twitter! (thanks Juanita)



  1. Sounds like an awesome campaign, and you definitely deserve to be recognized as one of the do-gooders! It’s great to highlight those who are making a difference, but I hope the campaign will also show how easy it is to do good – you don’t need to be saint or hero, like you pointed out holding a door open or sharing a smile can already make a huge difference in someone’s day!

  2. P.S. Glad to see you blogging again!

  3. Thanks Brian! I was honoured to be asked and I’m only one day in and it has already been a blast, connected me to new people, helped me see new ways I can “do good” and made my laugh uncontrollably! Not bad for a few hours of being a Do Gooder!

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